New Mexico Arts FY2018 Final Application deadline is December 2, 2016, 5PM MST.

New Mexico Arts is using the GO™ system for our funding applications. All New Mexico Arts grant applications, support material, and contract reporting documents must be submitted through Grants Online™(GO™), our online grants management system.

New users of the site will need to sign-up and create an account in the system with appropriate username and password. Organizations that applied in recent years will be able to access their accounts using their existing username and password. If you are unsure of your username or password, contact New Mexico Arts staff.

The application is for use by all the funding categories listed below.

General Application Grant:
Arts Projects A, B, & C
Major Cultural Organizations
Colleges, Universities, and Government Entities
Community Arts A & B
Arts in Social Service
Traditional Folk Arts Projects
Arts Learning in Schools & in Community Grant
Local Arts Councils & Service Organizations Grant
Arts Trails Grant
Economic & Entrepreneurial Development Grant

For further assistance, please contact the program coordinator assigned to your funding category:

Jenice Gharib, Local Arts Councils & Service Organizations, Arts Trails, Economic & Entrepreneurial Development
Maggie Hanley, Major Cultural Organizations, Community Arts
Phyllis Kennedy, Arts in Social Service; Arts Learning in Schools & in Community; Colleges, Universities, & Government Entities
Lilli Tichinin, Folk Arts, Arts Projects

New Mexico Arts staff can be reached during regular business hours (8AM–5PM Monday–Friday except holidays) at (505) 827-6490 or 1-800-879-4278 (statewide). General information can be found at www.nmarts.org.

New Mexico Arts mailing/physical address:
407 Galisteo, Suite 270, Bataan Memorial Bldg., Santa Fe, NM 87501


  • Read GO™ FAQs before starting—better yet, print them out for easy reference.
  • Applicants will need to upload all required application materials in the Support Material section. This includes all artistic samples (print, digital images, audio & video samples) Income and Expense Statement, Board Member List, etc. While many formats accepted in previous years will continue to be accepted; other formats may not be compatible for upload. NM Arts suggests using pdf, jpg, mp3, and mp4 files. Please familiarize yourself with these formats and adjust the preparation of your material with them in mind. New Mexico Arts advises applicants to test all Support Material for upload well in advance of the application deadline.


Advance Review
An Advance Review is offered prior to the final deadline to help applicants improve their applications and to check for mistakes that might cause ineligibility. If an applicant was declared ineligible or did not receive funding in the past year or has not applied to New Mexico Arts in the past two years, an Advance Review is required. In addition, New Mexico Arts Program Coordinators may require some organizations to submit an Advance Review based on past applications. Failure to comply will disqualify those organizations from submitting a Final Application in December.

New Mexico Arts strongly encourages all applicants to take advantage of this service. To complete an Advance Review, applicants must complete and submit an online application. All Advance Review applications must be submitted online through GO™ by 5:00PM MST October 14, 2016.

NOTE: an Advance Review by New Mexico Arts does not guarantee funding.

Final Application
All New Mexico Arts FY2018 applications must be submitted online through GO™ no later than 5:00PM MST December 2, 2016. If you were required to submit an Advance Review and did not, you will not be eligible to submit a Final Application.