Please read in its entirety before creating an account.

New applicant organizations will need to Sign-Up and create an account in the system with appropriate username and password. Please create a generic username that represents your organization as the username cannot be changed.

You do not need to sign up again if your organization has applied in recent years. Go to the Log-In page and enter your username and password. If you forget your password, follow the instructions on the Log-In page. If you are unsure of your username or password, contact New Mexico Arts at 505-827-6490.

Please review the Guidelines for who is eligible to apply for New Mexico Arts funding and what must be in place for applicants using a fiscal agent.

If you are Using a Fiscal Agent:

  1. The Fiscal Agent must create an account in the system for the Fiscal Agent
  2. The organization can then Sign-Up and create an account
  3. The Fiscal Agent then needs to approve your organization in the system in order for you to proceed with the application. Do not proceed with Sign-Up and Organization Registration until the Fiscal Agent account has been created in the system.


New Mexico Arts can offer assistance as needed.

To complete the Sign-Up process you must:

  • Answer YES to the question "Would you like to associate this user account with an organization?" (Individual artists are not eligible to apply.)
  • Have your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) ready as part of your Organization Registration. If using a fiscal agent you will associate your account with theirs. See the process above.

Accounts created without the above will need to be deleted by New Mexico Arts and the user begin again.

If you would only like to get an idea of what an application looks like please do not create an account, but check out a sample application here. Note that there will be some differences in the applications for Arts Learning, Arts Trails, Economic and Entrepreneurial Development, Local Arts Councils, and Service Organizations. You may also want to review the Panel Evaluation Criteria for your intended grant category to see the criteria to which you will be asked to respond.

Other useful information when creating your account:

  1. User Role–Most organizations will select Applicant Organization with FEIN #. This applies to all 501(C)3s, schools, or government entities. Any organizations using a Fiscal Agent will choose "Using a Fiscal Agent" after their Fiscal Agent has set up their own account in the GO system.
  2. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)–Enter the FEIN number assigned to the organization by the Internal Revenue Service. This is always a 9-digit number. Do not put your social security number or New Mexico Corporate ID number in this space. If using a Fiscal Agent, type in Fiscal Agent name, search for Fiscal Agent and select.
  3. D-U-N-S information–A D-U-N-S number is a unique nine-digit identifier provided by Dun and Bradstreet (D & B). To get your free D-U-N-S number visit the website at If you are Using a Fiscal Agent, enter the Fiscal Agent's D-U-N-S information.
  4. Applicant Organization–Enter the Applicant Organization's legal name as registered with the IRS. Do not enter Fiscal Agent name here.
  5. Organization's Primary Address–Enter the Organization's Primary Address where correspondence, payments, purchase orders should be sent, any approved contracts will be mailed to this address. This should be the address that is included on any W-9s submitted to New Mexico Arts. If you are using a Fiscal Agent, do not list Fiscal Agent's address here, list the applicant organization's address.

Password Rules :
Contain at least 8 Characters
Contain at least 1 Number

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